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"Sean...checked the calibration of all of my G-5 Ping clubs, ensuring that my new 5 wood would complement them perfectly. I also love the Extreme Moment putter"
-- Cheryl Wheeler


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KE4 Series
The two KE4 drivers are built around an interchangeable screw weight system for building to customized lengths or swingweight/MOI club balances. The original KE4 is a 450cc, high Moment of Inertia, variable face thickness design driver for high forgiveness on off centre hits, combined with maximum COR for high ball speed off the face. The new KE4V is a more elongated, backweighted 460cc design that creates a higher launch, and the highest MOI in the Maltby line; the highest, in fact, that Clubs That Fit offers. The precision milled variable thickness forged titanium face, produces better performance on off centre hits than non variable faced designs. The KE4 comes in 9.5, 10.5 and 13 deg. loft options in right-hand, 10.5 in left-hand. The KE4V is right-hand only, with 9.5 and 10.5 deg options. All are square to slightly closed except for the 13 deg. KE4, which is 1 deg. closed. Please contact us for full price range information.

CT250 Series
The CT250 series of drivers has been redesigned for 2008. All 3 designs, (Maximum MOI Neutral, Maximum MOI Draw, and Professional), are based on an elongated face to back dimension and low/back centre of gravity to encourage higher launch, and to increase Moment of Inertia. The Maximum MOI Neutral and Draw versions have the most elongated shape and extreme weighting of the three. As such, they have more enhanced launch and MOI than the Professional model, which is less extremely elongated and backweighted. This gives it a more traditional look and trajectory combined with a high MOI. All right-hand only. Max Neutral, 9,10,11 deg. lofts, faces square. Professional, 8, 9.5, 10.5 deg. lofts, faces square. Max Draw, 9.5, 10.5, 12 deg., with 1 deg. closed faces to help control fade/slice shape. information.

Glider S
A new driver with an extremely elongated, concave front to back shape to keep weight low and back. High Moment of Inertia combined with a noticeably high launch for certain swing types. Provides a more moderately priced alternative to the more premium Maltby CT250 and KE4 drivers. Also, because of the closed face and higher loft options, it is an excellent, game improvement accuracy driver for mid to higher handicappers. right-hand only. 10 deg loft/1 deg. closed, or 13 deg loft/1.5 deg closed. Please contact us for full price range information.

L Tech Drivers
Part of the L Tech series designed to help players with slower swing speed than the average male. Modern 450cc, high COR, high MOI driver in higher lofts. 13 and 15 deg. lofts with 1 deg. closed faces to help control fades/slices. right-hand only. information.

Fairway Woods

The CT250 Maximum MOI Fairway Woods are new for 2008. Designed to match the CT250 Maximum MOI drivers, they feature low and back CoG designs for easier launch, higher trajectory, and better Moment of Inertia. Available inn 15 and 18 degree models, right-hand only. Please contact us for full price range information.

Designed to match the KE4 adjustable weight drivers. A full line of modern, stainless steel perimeter weighted fairway woods with adjustable screw weights for head weight/swingweight adjustability. Available in 14, 18, 21, 24 and 27 degree 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 woods in right-hand. 3-5-7 woods also in left-hand. information.

Trouble Out Plus
A fairway/utility wood model with a very low centre of gravity and specialized sole design. Heavy tungsten sole weight, sharp sole runners and four way sole radius are the keys to the design�s forgiving playability from tough lies, without sacrificing fairway performance. Very consistent, solid feel at impact. 4 degree loft spacing for better distance separation between clubs at medium and slower swing speeds. Outstanding game improvement design; one of the best available anywhere. 13 deg 3 wood, 17 deg 5 wood, 21 deg 7 wood, 25 deg 9 wood, and 29 deg 11 wood. right-hand only. information.

Glider S
The Glider S 3 Wood, new for 2008, is designed to match the Glider S family of clubs. Elongated front-to-back dimensions and concave crown concentrate mass low and back for easier launch from fairway lies. 16 degree loft also assists medium to slow speed players in getting the ball up to fly. An easy to hit, affordable, game improvement �longest� fairway wood. right-hand only. information.

L Tech Fairways
Part of the L Tech series designed to help players with slower swing speed than the average male. Lower profile fairway woods with lower centers of gravity, higher lofts and slightly closed faces. Easier to get in the air, and easier to hit straight. 17 deg 3 Wood, 21 deg. 5 Wood, 24 deg 7 Wood, 27 deg. 9 Wood. right-hand only. information.


NB: See also Hybrid/Iron Blended Sets.

Trouble Out Plus
Hybrid version of the Trouble Out Utility Woods. Like the woods, they have a tungsten sole insert to keep Centre of Gravity extremely low for easy launch. Both the double rail sole with bounce built in for control from the rough, and four way radiusing for less turf contact, make this a very turf friendly design. 5 degree loft spacing makes them ideal for slower swing speed players to maintain adequate distance gaps between clubs. right-hand only. 20, 25, 30 and 35 degree versions. Please contact us for full price range information.

Slightly smaller looking, non offset hybrid long iron replacements. Good toe and heel weighting. Back weighting for higher launch. Good head weights and lofts to build to iron lengths for seamless integration into an iron set. Simple looks and smaller head appeal to better players. right-hand only. 16, 19, 22 and 25 degree models. information.

Glider S
Hybrid version of the Glider S Driver and 3 Wood. Wide sole and concave head keep weight low and back for better launch. Hollow body creates high perimeter weighted forgiveness. Good, affordable replacements for 3 and 4 irons. right-hand only. 20 and 24 degree models. Please contact us for full price range information.

Weight adjustable design to match rest of the KE4 series. Screw weights allow easy head weight/swingweight adjustability, especially at different finished lengths. Lower Centre of Gravity and perimeter weighting for forgiveness. Designed to use the same diameter shaft tip as irons for easy blending with iron sets. In 15, 18, 21, 24 and 27 degree lofts in right-hand to replace 1 through 5 irons. 18, 21, and 24 degrees in left-hand. Please contact us for full price range information.

L Tech Hybrids
Part of the L Tech series designed to help players with slower swing speed than the average male. Designed with low Centre of Gravity, low profile and hosel offset to help get shots up on the proper trajectory. 22, 26, 30 and 34 degree options to replace 3 through 7 irons, depending on club setup. right-hand only. From $80.00 in steel, $90.00 in graphite.

Hybrid/Iron Blended Sets

New progressive hybrid iron set, transitioning from full hybrids in the long irons, through hollow middle irons to undercut short irons. 3 and 4 irons are full hybrids, with iron like offset. Standard headweights allow building to normal iron lengths for seamless integration. Hollow 5, 6 and 7 irons give better perimeter weighting than solid irons, with low and back centre of gravity and wider soles for more playablility. Undercut cavity short irons/wedges for maximum control + forgiveness. right-hand only. 3-GW. Please contact us for full price range information.

Hybrid ST
Reworked version of the old AST, with more visual appeal and a slight improvement on the AST�s extremely high forgiveness/Moment of Inertia. Hollow construction throughout the set, transitioning from true hybrid size 3, 4, 5 and 6 irons to more conventional appearing short irons and wedges. Extremely forgiving, very playable set. Highest Moment of Inertia score of any Maltby irons. right-hand only. 3-GW. information.

Forged Irons

MCC (Maltby CNC Cavity)
Minimum offset, five step true forged carbon steel blade with CNC precision milled back cavity. CNC milled cavity precisely positions weight for a combination of forgiveness, stability, and solidness of feel. Very traditional profile in the playing position. For the better player who fights a hook, and wants more stability and direction control on normal shots, without sacrificing deliberate workability. 3-GW. right-hand only. Please contact us for full price range information.

MTF (Maltby True Forged)
Five step true forged, medium deep cavity back with very minimal offset, and a classic blade profile. A true �cavity back player�s blade� forged from carbon steel and nickel plated. For the mid-to-low handicapper who prefers a classic profile and forged feel, but wants a bit of forgiveness without sacrificing workability. 3-GW. right-hand only. Please contact us for full price range information.

MPC (Maltby Progressive Cavity)
Slight progressive offset, form-forged progressive undercut cavity design. Nickel plated carbon steel. Cavity shape and weight positioning is slightly different for each iron, progressing from more cavity and backweighting in the long irons to less in the short irons. CNC milled U grooves, unique among Maltby forgings. Traditional blade playing profile. Great progressive cavity back blade design for the mid to low handicap traditionalist. 3-GW, right-hand only. information.

MMB (Maltby Muscle Back)
Form forged, minimum offset muscle back blade design. Nickel plated carbon steel. The shape of the muscle design and the �weight relief� pocket provide a bit more forgiveness than usual for a muscle back, without sacrificing workability. 3-GW. right-hand only. Please contact us for full price range information.

Cast/Hollow/Multi Material Irons

KE4 Series
This series of irons now includes 3 different screw weight adjustable designs. The original KE4 features a very low centre of gravity, a medium wide sole, and an undercut design for forgiveness and sold contact in a classic looking profile. It is a very good, stable game improvement design for mid-to-high handicappers, yet playable enough for mid-to-low handicappers. Probably the best balanced, most versatile iron design in the Maltby line. The KE4 Tour is the �Better Player� version of the KE4 design, with slightly reduced offset and blade length for a more �tour� style playing profile than the original, while still retaining most of the forgiveness features of the former. It is a good mid-to-low handicapper club. The new KE4V features a vibration absorbing polymer cavity insert, a slightly wider sole for more turf friendliness, and a higher Centre of Gravity than the original. This CoG, while still quite low compared to most iron designs, combines with slightly stronger lofts and less aggressive grooves to keep trajectory a bit lower than the original KE4. Good for middle handicappers who want a bit lower trajectory and a little less vibration at impact. KE4: right-hand/left-hand 3-SW. KE4 Tour/KE4V: right-hand only, 3-GW Please contact us for full price range information.

Glider S
Based on the experimental Glider X design. Extremely low Centre of Gravity design. CoG also positioned well back. These irons launch high as a consequence. Very wide sole makes the design very turf forgiving.Very useful for slower swings that need help launching high, and for swingers who prefer to sweep the ball, and want to eliminate the chance of hitting fat. Plays much like a hybrid set, without the expense. 3-GW right-hand only. information.

L Tech Irons
Part of the L Tech series designed to help players with slower swing speeds than the average male. Low centre of gravity, wide sole design with slightly higher lofts to help get shots up into the proper trajectory. Can be adjusted to wider loft gaps for good distance spacing at slower swing speeds. Designed to swingweight correctly at shorter, controllable club lengths. PW and SW set only 6 degrees apart to eliminate need for a gap wedge. 4 Iron through SW, right-hand Only. information.


M Series
Form forged, classically styled wedges in a variety of materials, finishes and loft/bounce options, including left handed 56 and 60 degree options. Material/finish options are carbon steel, finished in mirror chrome or black ion rust; or nickel, finished in brushed satin. The nickel in particular makes for a very good moderately priced quality wedge design option. information.

Carbon Steel Nickel
Loft Bounce Loft Bounce
48 deg 4 deg 53 deg 6 deg
50 deg 4 deg 56 deg 8/12 deg
53 deg 6 deg 60 deg 6 deg
56 deg 8/12 deg
58 deg 6 deg
60 deg 6/12 deg
(all right-hand) (all right-hand except for 56/8 sand wedge & 60 degree lob wedge, which come in right- and left-hand)

M Series Milled Face Wedges
Soft 304 stainless steel wedge with medium sole width, milled face and U grooves, and a slight cavity back. Slightly reduced bounces combine with slightly wider sole and uniform sole width for effective bounce that is not too minimal, not too strong. Milled face and grooves enhance spin when combined with urethane covered balls. Good option for middle handicappers looking for consistency in their wedge play. Not for players who tend to blade shots from tight lies with an open face. right-hand only. 52/4, 56/10, 60/5 loft/bounce options. Please contact us for full price range information.

M Series Wide Sole
Wide sole, heavier weight undercut sand and lob wedges for higher handicap players looking for more game improvement wedge options, especially from taller rough and fluffier sand. Combination of very wide soles and moderate bounce creates more effective bounce and game improvement consistency than conventional designs. Comes in 32 and 41 mm sole options, (1.25 and 1.62 inches), with 56 deg. loft/8 deg. bounce sand and 60 deg loft/4 deg bounce lob models. Investment cast, double heat treated, softened stainless steel, for better feel. right-hand only. Please contact us for full price range information.

Slider Series
Very wide sole hollow sand and lob wedges. These are an option to try for players who really struggle out of sand and deep rough. Helps to create more consistency for many players, without having to practice a different, sand only, technique. Particularly helpful from very fluffy sand. right-hand/left-hand. information.

Slider Pro Wedges
Crosses between wide soled M series and the Sliders. Exactly like the 41 mm M series, but with more, (10 and 6 deg.) bounce for easier playability for many players from fluffy sand and deep rough. Same playing feel and style as the sliders, but with a less unconventional look. right-hand Only. information.


Milled 304 Stainless Series
New series of milled face, stainless steel putters. Standard heel toe weighted blade and mallet models, and a modern, back weighted �super� mallet design. All 3 manufactured to modern, higher weights for ease in building as short or belly putters, or for heavier feeling mid-length putters. Black, non glare surface treatment. White, �ball in motion� alignment aid on �super� mallet. Good moderate price putter option. right-hand Only. information.

Moment Design Series
This is a series of modern �super� mallet putters designed to push Moment of Inertia as high as possible in a non-giant putter. Aluminum construction allows use of heavy tungsten perimeter weights to move weight back and to the sides for extremely high Moment of Inertia. 3 models to choose from; blade and triangle style #1, modified blade and triangle #8, semi-circular #9. Model #9 has adjustable weights to reach up to 400 grams head weight. Black, non glare surface treatment. Red option on model #9. White, �ball-in-motion� alignment aid. right-hand Only. Please contact us for full price range information.

Max Moment
This design, Maltby Moment #7, pushes Moment of Inertia in a putter to the highest level yet achieved. Maximum legal blade length, very heavy tungsten weights positioned well back from the blade, and 400 gram head weight all combine to create a design with a Moment of Inertia of 15,876 gms/cm2. No other putter designed or measured at the Maltby Design Studio even comes close. right-hand Only. information.

Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Sean Baines is a PCS-certified "Class A" clubmaker and the owner of Clubs That Fit. He is committed to providing quality, game-enhancing clubs and highly personalized service to golfers of all ages and skill levels.