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"Sean...checked the calibration of all of my G-5 Ping clubs, ensuring that my new 5 wood would complement them perfectly. I also love the Extreme Moment putter"
-- Cheryl Wheeler


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T6 Drivers
Square face angle, 460cc, max. C.O.R. drivers in 9.5 and 10.5 degrees. Weight port makes customizing swingweight/MOI of the whole club easy, especially at the correct, fitted length. RH only.

T6 Fairways
Weight adjustable fairway woods in 3 (15 deg.), 5 (18 deg.), 7 (21 deg.) and 9 (24 deg.) models. Radiused sole for smooth turf contact. Lower profile in 7 and 9 wood for easier launch. RH only.

TS60 Hybrids
Non-offset hybrids in 20, 23 and 26 deg. models to replace 3-5 irons. Low centre of gravity and slightly longer blade length. .5 deg. closed face for easier, straighter play. They blend with TS60 hollow and undercut irons to make a progressive hybrid-to-cavity iron set, or stand on their own as long iron replacements. RH only.

TS60 Irons
Part of progressive TS60 Hybrid-to-Undercut set. 6 and 7 irons are hollow body irons with low and back centre of gravity and very high Moment of Inertia. They are essentially semi-hybrids. Deep, undercut cavity short irons and wedges complete the transition from Hybrid to one piece iron. Excellent progressive set for the higher handicapper. RH only, 6-GW.

T58 Irons
Undercut, cavity back game improvement irons with a classic looking profile. Great mid handicap clubs for the player with decent ball striking skills who wants a bit of forgiveness. RH only, 3-GW.

T54 Irons
Form forged, non-offset muscleback, nickel plated carbon steel blade irons. Designed with slightly lower centre of gravity and a bit higher Moment of Inertia than usual in a muscleback, for a bit more forgiveness, combined with better player �workability�. RH only, 2-PW.

Target Wedges
Forged, carbon steel wedges with traditional profile, leading and trailing edge �tour� grind. 51 deg GW, 56 deg. SW, and 60 deg, LW in 5, 12 and 6 degrees of bounce. RH only.

Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Sean Baines is a PCS-certified "Class A" clubmaker and the owner of Clubs That Fit. He is committed to providing quality, game-enhancing clubs and highly personalized service to golfers of all ages and skill levels.