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"Sean...checked the calibration of all of my G-5 Ping clubs, ensuring that my new 5 wood would complement them perfectly. I also love the Extreme Moment putter"
-- Cheryl Wheeler

"Semi-Custom" Clubs with C.E.R., Distance Master and XPC

Clubs That Fit offers a "semi-custom" option for golfers who wish the convenience of service over the Internet, or who do not wish to pay premium prices. By restricting the fitting to a few variables; and utilizing basic, good quality, affordably-priced components from Golfsmith and The Golfworks, we can keep the price of these clubs down to $549-$765 per set, $210-$360 per iron set, $110-$130 per driver, etc.

The Semi-Custom Process

This is a simplified version of our full service fitting, and is done in half an hour. We measure you for grip size, club length, swing speed and tempo, driver launch, iron lie angle, and swingweight. We use this information to fit you approximately for club length, driver loft, iron lie and shaft flex and bend profile. You choose the option you want from our pre-priced set makeups, and we build you a set for pickup or shipment to you (at cost) through Canada Post, Canpar or UPS.

Semi-Custom Online

Because the process is simpler, we can do a version over the Internet - something we would never attempt with our full fitting process. Just email us requesting an "online package". Once you receive the package, fill out the enclosed questionnaire and send it back to us; and we will give you a recommendation. Or, you can use the enclosed flex chart, plus wrist-to-floor and hand size measurement instructions to make your own specification choices, and simply order the club or set you want. We will ship them to you at cost through Canada Post, Canpar or UPS shipping. Our in-person "mini-fitting" is more accurate, but if you prefer to buy over the Internet, you can still get clubs that will fit you better than "off the rack" clubs.


The quality of the set building process in our "semi-custom" clubs is no different from our premium fitting service. We still take care to weight sort all heads, frequency sort all shafts, ensure shafts are aligned correctly, and ensure all clubs are built to the correct flex, the correct, targetted frequency slope, the correct length, the correct swingweight and total weight, and the correct grip size. However, with fewer fitting variables to build to, the process is simpler and faster. This is reflected in the price.

Know What You're Getting

Let's be clear. This is NOT true, professional custom fitting. That cannot be done over the Internet; nor in half an hour; nor without carefully evaluating twenty-five different specifications, and building test clubs to confirm the findings. What this process does, however, is provide you with a frequency tuned set of clubs at approximately your correct length, driver loft, shaft flex and shaft bend pattern. They will be built to as tight or tighter tolerances for swingweight, total weight, loft and lie than you are likely to find in retail clubs for the same price. You will be getting more accurately-fit clubs than you can buy off the rack, and comparably-fit clubs to most store fitting systems; all for a very good price. For many people, this is a good-value alternative to true, premium fitting.

Semi-Custom Components


Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Sean Baines is a PCS-certified "Class A" clubmaker and the owner of Clubs That Fit. He is committed to providing quality, game-enhancing clubs and highly personalized service to golfers of all ages and skill levels.