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"Sean...checked the calibration of all of my G-5 Ping clubs, ensuring that my new 5 wood would complement them perfectly. I also love the Extreme Moment putter"
-- Cheryl Wheeler

Tom Wishon Golf Technology: Drivers

460cc elongated design for extreme back centre of gravity. This boosts launch noticeably higher than more conventionally designed drivers, and boosts the Moment of Inertia above 5,000 gms/cm2. If built shorter, with a heavier head, Moment of Inertia can reach 5,400 gms/cm2. Combined with the cup face construction and variable face thickness design, this makes the 919THI the most forgiving design in the Wishon line, and one of the most forgiving in all of golf. USGA maximum face deflection for maximum ballspeed, and GRT roll design for consistent launch. 8, 9, 11 and 13 deg. loft options in RH allow a loft range of 7 to 14 deg. when using hand select options. Square to .5 deg closed faces allow a hand select range of 1 deg. open to 1.5 deg closed. Also available in 10.5 degree Draw Bias and LH models, with an offset, closed face model due for spring. NB: for a given launch angle, normally a 919 head is chosen with a somewhat lower loft than a more conventional driver. Please contact us for full price range information.

�Tour Style� 460cc driver with a more forward centre of gravity location to encourage a bit lower, more penetrating launch for higher swing speed players. Cup face construction and variable face thickness combine with high MOI for very high forgiveness, while USGA maximum face deflection gives maximum ballspeed off the face. GRT face roll design for consistent launch. Very traditional, rounded, non-elongated head shape sets up beautifully behind the ball for the more traditional player. RH only. 9.5 and 11 degrees. Loft hand pick +1 deg./-.5 deg, allowing 9 to 12 deg. options. Please contact us for full price range information.

�Thriver� or �Brassie� style driving/fairway club. Designed to be used either as a �control first� driving club, or as a low lofted fairway wood for better players off good lies. 200cc stainless steel construction keeps Centre of Gravity low enough to be hittable �off the deck� for strong players, while still providing better Moment of Inertia than a standard fairway wood. Cup construction high strength steel face design boosts face deflection to the USGA maximum, just like the 515 and 949 fairway woods. So you don�t give up any �hot face� effect with this club. �Tour 3� type 13 degree loft launches higher than most drivers for greater control, but lower and more boring than most 3 woods for more distance. Hand select options allow 12 to 14 degrees loft, and 1 degree open to 1 degree closed face angle. RH only. Please contact us for full price range information.

400-460cc driver with a large heavy tungsten back weight and cnc milled crown and forward skirt areas. These features create an unusually far back centre of gravity for a non elongated, non square, more conventional looking design. This gives the 949mc a higher launch and higher Moment of Inertia than usually possible with a non-elongated shape. In fact, if built to a shorter length with more weight added to the head, the 949 can match or even exceed the Moment of Inertia of some elongated and/or square designs. The 949 is also designed with cup face construction and variable face thickness to further enhance forgiveness; with USGA maximum face deflection for maximum ball speed; and with GRT roll design for consistent launch. Available in both 400 and 460cc versions in 10.5 deg, with a 9 deg 460cc model, a 10.5 deg draw bias 460cc model, and a 13 deg high launch 460. Hand select options increase the loft range to 8 through 14 degrees, and face angle from .5 deg open to 1.5 deg closed. RH only. Please contact us for full price range information.

Modern, oversize titanium/beta titanium design, with cup face construction and variable face thickness for extremely high forgiveness, and USGA maximum face deflection for maximum ballspeed. The most complete line of Wishon drivers, the 915CFE comes in a wide variety of options. Head size ranges from 420cc to 460cc. Once hand select options are factored in, lofts range from 8.5 degrees to 16 degrees, and face angles range from 1 degree open to 2 degrees closed. Both offset and normal face progressed models are available. Both regular and high loft non-offset models are available in left hand. This line of drivers can thus fit an extremely wide variety of playing needs, at prices somewhat lower that some of the more specialized Wishon options. Please contact us for full price range information.

400cc offset High Launch driver, part of the 730CL series for slower swing speeds. The face is designed to maximize face deflection at 70 mph or less. As such, players with higher swing speeds could damage this club if they hit balls with it. The design also features an offset hosel and 1 degree closed face for direction control, and GRT face design and 16 degrees of loft for optimum trajectory at slow swing speeds. RH only. Please contact us for full price range information. NB: Because this face is designed for maximum deflection at lower swing speeds, it deflects too much under USGA testing conditions, which are designed to test deflection at much higher speeds. It is therefore not legal for USGA sanctioned tournament/handicap play. Clubs that Fit believes this club nonetheless does not breach the spirit of the Rules, because it is not designed for competitive advantage in tournament play. Its purpose is to enhance the casual golfing experience of players with much lower swing speeds. Indeed, this club would likely crack or collapse under normal tournament use by a proficient, high swing speed player. If, however, a client wishes a 730 CL set, but is not comfortable with the 730CL driver, we can help to select from among various other high launch options.

Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Sean Baines is a PCS-certified "Class A" clubmaker and the owner of Clubs That Fit. He is committed to providing quality, game-enhancing clubs and highly personalized service to golfers of all ages and skill levels.