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"Sean...checked the calibration of all of my G-5 Ping clubs, ensuring that my new 5 wood would complement them perfectly. I also love the Extreme Moment putter"
-- Cheryl Wheeler

Tom Wishon Golf Technology: Non Hybrid Irons

Included in Golf Digest�s 2005 Hot List section. Very deep cavity, very forgiving, high launch hotter face multi-material undercut cavity back. Most forgiving non-hollow Wishon design. Thin, forged faces for greater face deflection/�spring effect� than most other irons. Special milled variable face thickness design increases size of maximum area of deflection, increasing forgiveness. One of the best non-hollow game improvement irons anywhere. RH, 3-SW, LH, 4-PW. Please contact us for full price range information.

Arguably the most versatile, best all round forged iron in clubmaking. 5 step forged blade with a deep, precision milled cavity for a combination of outstanding forgiveness and forged feel in a traditional, non offset blade. Extremely turf friendly sole grind. Very forgiving, yet very workable. Excellent low or middle handicap club for the forged iron player. RH only, 3-GW. Please contact us for full price range information.

550M/555M 550C/555C
5 step true forged, non-offset carbon steel blades in traditional muscle back and medium cavity semi muscle designs. The 550 line has a sole grind better suited for tight lies and hard fairways, while the 555 �tour grind� sole is a better fit for better watered, plusher, �grabbier� conditions. Designed together so they are compatible for mixing and matching in a progressive set, (e.g, cavity, 3-7, muscle, 8-SW). Or, they can be used for sets of either one or the other. Great �better player� clubs for the low handicapped �forged� aficionado. RH only, 2-SW. Please contact us for full price range information.

Low offset, �progressive� cavity back design with larger cavities and more perimeter weighting in the long irons, progressing to smaller cavities and more weight behind the sweet spot in the short irons. Designed with a second weight port in the toe for greater flexibility in swingweighting/Moment of Inertia matching, especially in shorter lengths for greater precision and control. Thin �micro-grooves� in short irons/wedges for enhanced spin on scoring shots. Very traditional, low offset, thin topline look at setup. Excellent �better player� cast option. RH Only. 3-SW. Please contact us for full price range information.

Deep cavity, wide sole, low-and-back centre of gravity undercut cavity back. Good for steeper, outside-to-in swings with a tendancy to hit fat, and for players looking for high forgiveness and a bit higher launch in a standard cast club. RH Only, 4-GW. Please contact us for full price range information.

Deep cavity, medium sole width, perimeter weighted cavity back with a more traditional look. Progressive back weighting to provide more launch/trajectory help in long irons. Sole grind resists fat hits. Traditional profile. Suits both higher handicappers and �better players� who want some forgiveness along with workability and a traditional look. Probably the most versatile design in the Wishon line. RH/LH 3-LW. (GW, LW, RH only). Please contact us for full price range information.

Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Sean Baines is a PCS-certified "Class A" clubmaker and the owner of Clubs That Fit. He is committed to providing quality, game-enhancing clubs and highly personalized service to golfers of all ages and skill levels.